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Plutinos are asteroids and in some cases dwarf planet candidates, circling around in the inner Kuiper belt, in orbits comparable to the one of Pluto (Pluto-Charon). Astrological research points out that most Plutinos, like their godfather Pluto, exert a compelling force in both personal and mundane horoscopes. They are radical, transforming, confronting, they penetrate the darkness, the blur, or daily life patterns and have a Scorpio-like preference for what you might call soul-mining. They trigger the awareness of slumbering patterns in the depths of our souls and force us to face the truth.

Most Plutinos are “isolating” one or two classic Plutonian keywords, such as: intensifying, dark, transforming, cutting away dead wood, letting go, death, discharging, imploding, violence, criminality, rebellion, dirt, sex, penetration, psychopaths or the occult. Strong transits, to or from these slow moving asteroids, can act as serious turning points in our lives. Negatively, several Plutinos exacerbate those qualities belonging to the darker side of Pluto and its sign Scorpio. All members of this classification fill in many gaps in chart interpretations, adding much to both personal and mundane astrology.

After his 2019 debute on Centaurs, Damocloids and SDO’s, Benjamin Adamah now presents the astrological meaning of 44 Plutinos. Apart from Orcus(-Vanth), Ixion, Arawn, Huya, Lempo(-Hiisi), Mors-Somnus and Rhadamantus, 37 other important Plutinos, cataloged by MPC-number, are discussed.

This book comes with a special appendix about the chart of the USA and its crucial role within the current world-crisis. This analysis is based on Plutinos and the Black Sun-Diamond axis. A second appendix shows a substantial list of Pluto-Charon aspects with asteroids of several classes which – like the Plutinos – have specific Plutonic features in common with the gatekeeper of our solar system.

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