Centaurs, Damocloids & Scattered Disc Objects

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Centaurs, Damocloids & Scattered Disc Objects

Benjamin Adamah


Challenging the astrological status quo, this book discusses the fascinating astrological significance of no less than 85 Centaurs and Centaur related asteroids like Scattered Disc Objects (SDOs) & Detached Objects, Damocloids, retrograde Asteroids and (ex-) Comets. Astronomy positions these unstable objects with their unusual orbits at the forefront of the evolutionary shifts in our Solar System. Analogue with this astronomical status, the astrological newcomers described in this book are vital for a true understanding of out-of-the-box thinking people, as well as complex Zeitgeist-issues and actual mundane phenomena.

Centaurs are of major psychological importance, and as is the case with the first discovered Centaur Chiron, most of them are about healing and psycho-synthesis. Thus they intrinsically deal with the converging of opposed, often extreme characteristics into a flow of productive synergy and creative power. See Nessus, Pylenor, Pholus, Hylonome, Bienor, Crantor, Thereus, Asbolus, to mention but a few. We have already used the now “standardized” Chiron (218 km in diameter) for years, but why are many much bigger objects like SDO / dwarf planet Eris (diameter of 2326 km) still ignored?

See Eris’ role in great demonstrations and (with Typhon) in major disasters like Fukushima. Can we truly understand the disintegration of the former USSR while skipping Damocles, the NSA without 2002 RP120, or Edward Snowden without Kondojiro? Not including SDOs like Eris and 1999 TD10 in (geo)political astrology is an almost provocative way of jumping to false conclusions. 2000 CO104, 2007 TG422 and 2005 PQ21 shed their (taboo breaking) lights on orgasm and sex, while you’ll be amazed at the application of 1998 BU48, 1996 TL66 and 2001 BL41 in financial astrology

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